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Guys, lets face it: you care about how you look. If you want to make a good impression, your skin is the first place to start. And while some men’s skincare regimens consist of a cheap disposable razor, a bar of soap and some Old Spice, the average man’s skin needs a bit more attention. From shaving and acne, to moisturizing and sunscreen, we created a site for  Dr. Ian Landells, a dermatologist with the Canadian Dermatology Association, to get the inside scoop on men's healthy skin.

oycare Men's Beauty
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Some Features We Provided


Mobile Optimization
Zona Sites websites are optimized for mobile devices, which is important because mobile searches account for the majority of traffic. The page layout is designed to provide a positive user experience and encourage conversions on the site.

Monthly Reporting
oycare Men's Beauty, receives monthly reports on its website’s traffic and health. These reports include information on website performance, uptime, plugin updates, and more.

Kickstart SEO
oycare Men's Beauty site was created with proper on-page SEO techniques. This includes using H1 and H2 heading tags, title tags, meta descriptions, image compression, and key image tagging.

Conversion Focused
oycare Men's Beauty's website was created with beauty and conversion as the top priority. The website includes long-form, short-form, and bullet-point content to make it easy to follow and engaging. Images and media are also included throughout the site to provide simple to understand and interesting website content. Strong calls to action are used throughout the website, as well as sticky calls to action that follow visitors so they are always being prompted to become a hot lead for oycare Men's Beauty.

Advanced Lead Capture
We implemented best practices on oycare Men's Beauty's website to not only convert more web visitors but also implement strategies to keep those converted visitors from going and getting quotes from other companies. We did this by:

  • Placing strong calls to action throughout the website that nudge visitors to get a super-fast quote.
  • Creating a dedicated page on the website with no header, no footer, no menu, and no distractions. This page only has a super-simple contact form.
  • Telling web visitors that they will get a fast quote and that the company receives the quote request via text message and usually responds within minutes.
  • Taking web visitors to a custom thank you page addressing them by name with an animated celebration.
  • Sending web visitors a personalized email addressing them by name and the service that they had selected and telling them that they will be getting a very fast quote.

All of this reassurance primes the website visitor to trusting oycare Men's Beauty and feeling an assurance that oycare Men's Beauty will take care of their needs. This makes the web visitor feel like oycare Men's Beauty service is so convenient they won’t need to go looking for more quotes elsewhere.

Custom Blogging
We created an elegant blog for all of oycare Men's Beauty past blog posts and future ones alike. oycare Men's Beauty only has to type their blog and click publish, and our system will automatically style the blog for them. This makes it super easy for oycare Men's Beauty to continue pumping out content onto their site without even knowing code!

Pop-Up Lead Capture
We know that pop-ups can be annoying, but they can also be a powerful and useful tool. We use smart pop-ups that only appear when somebody is going to abandon your website. The pop-up contains a special attention-grabbing message that is designed to convert the unconverted visitor.

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