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When Bend Flex Yoga, a premier yoga studio, needed a digital space as serene and inviting as their physical one, they turned to us at Zona Sites. They desired a web presence that captured their essence: a sanctuary for the body and mind. We stretched our creative muscles, just like their clients during a yoga session, and designed a brand new Zona Sites template design that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. The result is a site as smooth and seamless as a Child's Pose, enabling visitors to navigate and book the myriad of classes they offer with ease. We've proved that, much like a great yoga session, a well-designed website leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to return. With their new digital face, Bend Flex Yoga can continue helping their clients find inner peace while we've found our Zen in giving them an immaculate web presence!

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Some Features We Provided


Mobile Optimization
Zona Sites websites always look great and are properly optimized for viewing on mobile devices. With mobile searches accounting for the majority of traffic, having a website that is not only optimized for a mobile experience but also mobile-friendly is critical! The page layout fosters a positive user experience and encourages greater conversion!

Monthly Reporting
Bend Flex Yoga enjoys our all-inclusive website management service. Their website’s traffic and health are reported to them monthly. We not only keep track of their site’s performance, but we also do vital things to guarantee it is working well, such as daily site backups, security checks on a regular basis, performance checks every 15 minutes, uptime monitoring every 15 minutes, plugin updates, and more!

Kickstart SEO
We created Bend Flex Yoga‘s site with proper on-page SEO techniques. We used H1 and H2 heading tags on the primary pages to define the keywords. We worked on title tags, meta descriptions, image compression, and key image tagging. Bend Flex Yoga has an effective SEO foundation in place and can now focus on ongoing SEO knowing they have a solid foundation.

Custom SEO Content
We provided custom content writing for Bend Flex Yoga to properly express the services they offer and the value they provide. The content was structured around their various keywords and the keyword density has been optimized to be SEO friendly. Bend Flex Yoga now has a solid foundation of content for their SEO and user experience alike.

Pop-Up Lead Capture
Pop-ups can definitely be a nuisance and annoying to your web visitors and even turn them off and make them want to leave your website. We at Zona Sites know this reality and never push annoying pop-ups on anyone’s website. However, pop-ups can be a powerful and useful tool especially when somebody is going to abandon your website. Our smart pop-ups are recognized when somebody comes on to your website takes no further action and then intends to leave your website. As soon as their cursor goes to click off the website our smart pop-up will fire. We placed a special attention-grabbing message here for the visitors of Bend Flex Yoga‘s website. Now when an unconverted visitor goes to abandon the website this will be the last line of defense to try and convert them.

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