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We do not charge any setup fees or hidden costs. We prioritize transparency in pricing. Our starter package is priced at $195 per month for a 24-month contract. To begin, we require a credit card for processing your initial month’s payment, which will be securely handled for your convenience and security.

The sign-up page is simply a form asking for the details of your business. It will lead you through the process of describing everything we will need to design your website!

Upon completion of the sign-up process, we promptly initiate the setup of your website’s server and assist in securing your business domain name, if necessary. Following this, we will provide you with our sign-up form, guiding you through each stage of the design process to ensure we gather all necessary information for crafting the ideal custom website for your brand. This streamlined process is both efficient and straightforward, fostering collaboration and enabling us to realize your site’s vision seamlessly.

Upon receipt of all requisite information (e.g., content writing, logos, images, and other essential branding details), we aim to deliver your website within an average timeframe of four to six weeks. Our commitment is to expedite the launch of your fully functional website without compromising quality. While some web design agencies may prolong the process for months, we prioritize efficiency, recognizing that the sooner your website is live, the sooner you can generate sales. Rest assured, we uphold deadlines rigorously and consistently deliver on schedule.

In our sign-up form, we request that you provide three websites you admire, which gives us insight into your preferred style. You can also specify fonts and colors you prefer for your site. This information enables us to tailor your website to your exact specifications. While the initial delivery may not always align perfectly with your vision, we encourage candid feedback. We value your input and strive for perfection, so please don’t hesitate to be as specific and critical as necessary. We offer multiple revisions to ensure your website meets your expectations. Our goal is to deliver a flawless website that leaves you thrilled with the end result.

Absolutely! To begin with, our websites are constructed on a WordPress framework, ensuring optimal SEO capabilities from the outset. We then integrate tailored SEO strategies to lay a strong foundation. Our on-page SEO entails utilizing proper heading tags and optionally incorporating keyword-rich content. We meticulously structure URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions for maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, we optimize images by resizing and compressing them, while also incorporating keyword-rich URLs and titles. Additionally, we generate an XML sitemap and facilitate indexing on Google. Prioritizing security, we include SSL certificates to safeguard your site and streamline its performance for swift loading times. These measures are fundamental for initiating your SEO journey on the right foot!

Our standard website package is meticulously crafted to encompass all essential functions and features vital for your business. Initially, your website will boast an elegant design tailored for optimal conversion rates. We’ll integrate custom contact forms tailored to your business needs. Ensuring seamless accessibility, your site will not only be mobile-responsive but also meticulously optimized for mobile viewing. Powered by our high-performance VPS web servers and fortified with SSL certificates, your website’s security and speed are guaranteed.

Should you wish to expand your site’s content or introduce blog posts in the future, our WordPress backend offers a user-friendly system for effortless content management. Additionally, your site will be equipped with foundational on-page SEO elements, setting a strong basis for your online visibility and success.

Furthermore, our standard package includes various other features aimed at enhancing your website’s functionality and performance. Should your requirements extend beyond our standard offerings, we are more than capable of tailoring a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

No, it’s not required. We can initiate the creation of your website and develop its design concept while awaiting your written content. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a content outline to assist in shaping your message for your services or products.

Absolutely, we offer assistance in routing your professional email through your domain’s name servers. Our preferred platform for this service is G Suite, providing seamless integration of your domain name with Google’s robust Gmail platform. Once you’ve established an account with G Suite, we’ll handle the routing process, eliminating the need for any coding on your part.

All our websites are constructed on the WordPress platform, which dominates a significant portion of the internet’s content management systems. Harnessing the power of WordPress offers limitless design and functionality options, enabling us to tailor a website precisely to your preferences. Additionally, WordPress allows for the creation of custom post types, facilitating easy addition of blog pages. We’ve already configured the design, so all you need to do is type and click publish.

Certainly! We don’t bind clients to remain with us to retain control of their website. Upon completing the full term of your website contract, ownership of the website transfers to you entirely. You have the option to independently host, manage, and maintain the website, or you can opt to continue with our ongoing care plan for continued support and maintenance.

We highly recommend utilizing original photography from our clients as it adds authenticity and showcases the essence of their company. However, we understand that sometimes clients may have photos of lower quality or insufficient quantity. In such instances, we initiate sourcing suitable stock photography to ensure the website maintains a high visual standard. We prioritize sourcing free stock photos whenever possible. However, if specific photos are required and not available for free, we offer to obtain premium stock photography at no additional expense to the client.

Our business thrives on referrals, with over 90% of our clientele coming through recommendations. If you’re here, chances are someone has already spoken highly of us. To gain further insight into our company, feel free to explore the testimonials featured on our reviews page.

Our subscription service offers three key advantages to our clients: affordability, user-friendliness, and peace of mind. Through our subscription program, we’ve redefined the traditional model by spreading the cost of a professional-grade website over 24 manageable payments, interest-free. This means that businesses of all sizes can access top-notch web design without the burden of hefty upfront expenses.

Our subscription process is seamless and hassle-free, with no initial costs, making it accessible to any business, regardless of budget constraints. By eliminating the financial barrier, even small enterprises can now benefit from a premium website solution previously reserved for larger budgets.

Moreover, our subscription plan ensures peace of mind. Your website will reside on our servers and receive ongoing maintenance from our dedicated team. You can rest assured that any technical issues will be promptly addressed, allowing you to focus on your business with confidence.

Should you choose to terminate your contract prior to the completion of the 24-month term, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the remaining balance will apply, and your website will be deactivated. In the event that you decide to cancel your contract and transfer your website to another hosting provider or management team, the outstanding balance must be settled in full. Upon full payment, we will prepare and transfer your website files to facilitate the transition.

Option 1.
Renew your contract, and get a brand new design for free. It’s been two years since we first built your website, times have changed, and your brand may have taken a new direction. If this is the case, take advantage of a brand new design.

Option 2.
Automatically move to our month to month maintenance plan for $150. From here, you can enjoy the benefits of having peace of mind knowing that we will actively host and maintain your website. You’ll continue to enjoy unlimited content updates, licensed use of our plugins and any premium features we have created for you such as review displaying or SMS notifications.

Option 3.
We can package up your website files and deliver them over to you to host, manage, and maintain your website moving forward.

If you’re considering our content writing services, we’re here to assist you. Alternatively, you’re welcome to provide your own content. Many business owners find it straightforward to craft their messaging, leveraging their deep understanding of their services, products, and target audience. However, if you prefer not to handle content creation, we offer industry research and persuasive copywriting services at $150 per page. It’s worth noting that pages like contact, photo galleries, and reviews, which require less unique content, do not incur content writing fees.

We exclusively host all active ZonaSites on our high-performance servers, ensuring optimal speed and reliable support for our clients. However, should you prefer to host your website elsewhere, you have the option to purchase the website design outright.

We’ve encountered those tempting roadside advertisements as well. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution with companies offering website development for $1500. More often than not, they’ll use inexpensive templates and lack the personalized approach needed for a successful online presence. They might request basic content from you, slap it onto a template, and call it a day. Unfortunately, this approach usually means minimal ongoing support, generic design, and no tailored strategy for your brand or SEO. Your website ends up looking like countless others, and you’re left with a subpar experience.

Instead of risking your investment, consider a free consultation with us. Even if we’re not the perfect match for your needs, we can prevent you from wasting $1500 on a website that may not meet your expectations.

Yes, 30 days no questions asked.

Certainly! Our website subscription service offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring every aspect of your website is meticulously maintained. Rest assured, any issues that arise will be promptly addressed at no extra cost to you.

There is no additional charge for tech support, it’s included in your monthly subscription.

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